Betr brings on The Cavinder Twins as equity partners 

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The Cavinder Twins, Hanna and Haley, are former NCAA basketball players who have surmounted a large social media following. In an exclusive deal, they will bring their Twin Talk podcast, which originally launched on iHeartRadio, to Betr Media. 

Betr said that this partnership will expand on-camera content and female-focused sports content for the company. 

In addition to their own podcast, The Cavinder Twins will make regular appearances on BS w/ Jake Paul and other Betr Media content across multiple platforms.  

Founder and CEO of Betr, Joey Levy says he is thrilled to welcome The Cavinder Twins to the company. He said: “They have already accomplished so much and are just scratching the surface of their potential.”

The Cavinder Twins said the partnership offers growth potential to their brand.  

“Betr gives us the ability to accelerate the growth of the Cavinder Twins brand in a focused and truly authentic manner,” the Cavinder Twins said. 

“We love sports, thrive on competition, and enjoy creating and bringing ideas to life. Betr truly makes The Cavinder Twins and our brand that much better and bigger.” 

Jeff Hoffman, partner ESM and The Cavinder Twins’ agent, added: “With Betr’s media savvy, the explosion of female sports and Betr’s disruptive behavior in gambling, it became a question of how far can we go and where do we sign,” he says.  

Regarding their new positions as creative directors and equity partners, Hoffman said: “This partnership with Betr provides a vested interest and ability to do what they do best: continue to define culture and content.” 

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