Betegy launches smart banners service

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The service is a tool that allows Betegy to create banners based on information gathered on players’ betting behaviours, meaning that players receive personalised content. This is drawn from the operator’s customer relationship management (CRM) data.

Betegy says this service increases engagement on ads, due to the “tailored call to action” that individual players receive.

Alex Kornilov, CEO and founder, Betegy

“We are thrilled to launch this latest innovation in content personalisation for our clients,” said Alex Kornilov, CEO of Betegy. “The integration with CRM systems allows our clients to provide even more targeted and relevant ads to resonate with each individual player, resulting in increased engagement, retention and ultimately, revenue.”

Kornilov added that the smart banners feature will allow operators to provide a more customised experience for players, as well as providing valuable insight.

“We are delighted that the launch of the smart banners feature boosted by CRM integration has allowed us to take banner personalisation to a new level,” he added. “This cutting-edge technology offers immense value to our clients’ marketing teams, enabling them to customise their ad campaigns and present players with ads that resonate with their interests, thereby driving engagement and increasing overall value.”

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