ATG and Swedish Equestrian Federation extend 50-year partnership

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The partnership has been extended for a further four years, and will continue to focus on para-dressage, equestrian development and ATG’s jumping series, the ATG Riders League.

“We want to be involved in developing Swedish equestrian sports, and together with the Swedish Equestrian Federation we have found a good way forward,” said Maria Guggenberger, sustainability manager at ATG. “Therefore, we will continue to focus on para-dressage and equestrian development through ATG Talang.”

“We have also ensured a continuation of the national jumping series ATG Riders League for the next four years.”

Camilla Sand, communications and marketing manager at the Swedish Equestrian Federation, praised the longevity of the partnership.

“The long collaboration with ATG is something we are incredibly proud of,” she said. “Together, we have successfully and long-term developed equestrian sports for almost five decades. We are of course very happy to continue that journey together.”

Last month ATG joined the Scout Gaming Network in an effort to enhance its fantasy sports offering.

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